Monday, July 18, 2016

Shooting Our Big Toe

The Republican Convention is a circus of no purpose.  A waste of money. Lately, I've noticed that Americans waste more money on politics than they collect as taxes. Do we really need all this stuff?  I count my pennies to be certain there is enough to see me  and my wife have enough for breakfast. Look around the table and see what I see. People working hard to survive and possibly improve their lot, move a step up, live a more comfortable life, and, most important, avoid poverty. Our government has only one source of income. Only one, and it is you and I, the citizens. There are many necessary expenditures that meld our country together. The Constitution and Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, and Declaration of Independence describe and limit exactly what those expenditures should be used for, but for over the last two hundred years Americans have gradually, piece by piece,  erased almost all of the original limits.  

Stupidly, we shot our selves in the foot a million times.
  • The federal government was supposed to be as small as possible. It's anything but. 
  • Our elected officials were supposed to serve a short time, and return to their private vocation. Now, many or most serve for life.

Why do we permit our elected officials to serve so long?

Why is the federal government involved in the abortion or no abortion fiasco?
Why does we our government hire private mercenaries to fight our wars?
Why do so many elected officials have ridiculously high retirement funds?

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