Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Great Worthless Debate

The first Presidential debate of 2016 took place last night. Despite a overwhelming background of corruption and bad decisions, Hillary Clinton won - according to the pundits anyway. Actually I would state the result differently. In my book Trump failed to illuminate Hillary's terrible record  of incompetence, and Hillary slipped in so many lies and innuendo, she  put Trump off guard and defensive. 

This was aggravated by the moderator, Lester Holt, who failed to direct several questions that would have been enlightening.  He never, for example, asked either candidate about uncontrolled immigration, the questionable wealth gathering of the Clinton Foundation, or specific plans to reduce the national debt. From that point forward Trump appeared to be on the defensive.

Hillary actually dominated several areas she should not have. She questioned Trump's history of poor relations with women, his business practices that rose on the back of questionable ethics, and his record of prejudicial relations with the minority elements of American society. These topics seemed to catch Trump unprepared, but he had to know they were coming. Hillary pursued them with "facts" that were gathered mostly from newspaper gossip columns and Hollywood magazines.  In every case her questions and statements were false or misleading, but they appeared to put  him in a speechless corner anyway. A presidential candidate should have been able to easily settle each allegation. He didn't.

So, in my opinion, Hillary didn't win, but Trump certainly lost.

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