Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Sky Sky Fell

Trish . . .

I just saw a copy of your ballot. Knocked me over and then some. What happened to the single issue voter? Finally wake up? This is the most ominous presidential election in my memory. The Democrats have failed to rein in Hillary and Bill for years. He is a disgrace to the office despite being a "not bad" President. Hillary has always been a ruthless political climber. She's never been a very nice person but as she rose in politics she became a black- hearted witch. She can no longer make a good decision - about anything!

On the other side,  establishment Republicans haven't shown a brain for many years. Like Hillary they are obsessed with whatever is best for them. This election year they put forth a respectable group of nominees, any one of which would have made a good President - except one. And he's the one they put up for us to vote on. Stupid is as stupid does. Trump is a potential disaster. Hillary is a proven disaster. So we must now pick one. It's very hard to sort actual criticism from senseless personal garbage. The two parties are equally responsible. So, how do you base your vote?

For me it was easy. I've never agreed with Hillary, and rarely agreed with the Democrats. So not voting for Hillary was easy. Trump is another "dirty bird" altogether. His speech off the teleprompter indicates his subliminal thinking, and  it's not good. His "off the cuff" remarks and quick responses to complex issues, are usually abominable. He acts and talks like a New York thug and, as you know,  I tend to shy away from that blowhard, self important, I'm superior, and generally disgusting, kind of person. On the other hand Mr. Trump does have many favorable points and strong political positions. Trump is a free market capitalist above all, and tends to respect the founding fathers, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and other documents that have determined American traditions. He has a good education, an excellent memory, a quick learning ability and a long personal history of executive management. He is flatly against Obamas effort to unbalance our three divisions of the federal government, (Congress, Supreme Court, Presidency) and Obamas schemes to circumvent the Congress and the Supreme Court and grow executive power.

Since F.D.R. American government has slowly moved to the left. Many or most of our citizens do not fear "big government" gradually taking over our lives. They should. This intrusion has become dangerous and will lead us toward socialism, communism, and finally a crippling revolution. This is Hillary's concept of the future.

Trump, crude as he is, apparently believes in reducing the size and intrusion of the federal government. He understands the danger of our growing national debt. He favors reducing or eliminating the "fed". He promises to rebuild our military to a superior force, and to protect Americans and our interests abroad.  No more turn the other cheek stuff. On the home-front Mr. Trump may finally be able to get the corruption out of some of our worst offending government entities. He says he will, but the challenge is huge. If he just worked on the Veterans Administration, Veteran's Hospitals, the I.R.S., and Homeland Security - I'd be happy. It's worth noting that if Hillary becomes President - none for these things will be done.

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