Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ISIS And Other Hate Groups

Over the years one hate group has bled into another until it is difficult to figure who is who. This will be an effort to clarify.

  • The initials refer to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. 
  • ISIS  threatens Israel, Yazidis, moderate Sunni and Shia Muslims, Kurds, Christians and Jews.
  • It uses particularly horrific terrorist methods. 
  • ISIS is a jihadist group founded in Iraq and Syria.
  • absolutely controls Gaza. 
  • now control a territory as large as a nation state including northern Syria and northern Iraq. 
  • Membership is estimated at more than 35,000       
  • The ISIS ambition is to create an Islamic Caliphate.
  • founded by Osama ben Laden
  • established in Afghanistan/Pakistan about 1988
  • USA & Saudi Arabia spent millions on Afghan rebel arms
  •  most of that money helped start al-Quaeda
  • also known as al-Quaeda in Iraq or AQI. 
  • Once had a membership estimated less than 10,000
  • now much smaller membership
  • pre-ceded ISIS and 
  • now a sub-group allied with ISIS
  • Tends to attack Western and Arab governments.
  • responsible for 9-11   3,000 deaths 
  • is a larger and older terrorist group
  • linked to Muslim Brotherhood. 
  • now a sub-group within ISIS 
  • possible membership of 20,000+
  • include the former PLO organization
  • and a long history of attacking Israel. 
  • rockets across Israeli border
  • suicide bombers, package bombs
  • often us children and elderly shields
  • attacks come usually from the south. 
  • continues to threaten Israel from the north.
  • founded in Lebanon about 1982
Muslim Brotherhood
  • founded in Egypt about 1928
  • preceded and related to Hamas

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