Sunday, October 1, 2017

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So you want to be a writer

My grandson announced he wants to become a writer. Well, knock me over with a feather. In my view being a writer is one of the most solitary and least rewarding of all professions. Most practitioners begin with some sort of journalism, and then accidentally fall into "writing" as a vocation. I wonder if that is how it will happen with him? Regardless, it's important to draw distinctions between writers. There are a few good writers, and there are a lot of bad writers. Only a talented few are really good, and they are the authors that write something that stirs, aggravates, motivates, or entertains. They are also the few that are paid well.

Devon (my grandson) has chosen a very difficult area of subject matter to write about; fantasy adventures and future events. These might be loosely classified together as "Science Fiction". This area of thought is definitely not my cuppa tea, yet I've enjoyed many books in this genre. A few remain in my mind; 
  • Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury) 
  • Brave New World (Huxley) 
  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Jules Verne), 
  • You Shall Know Them (Vercors), 
  • Contact (Sagan), 
  • The Road (McCarthy), 
  • 1984 (Orwell),  
Any one of these authors is worth reading, and each has produced several excellent books, but there is no question in my mind that they are all relatively tame compared to most Science Fiction being written today. The problem (if any) is that Devon seems to prefer the more modern trend toward gross and excessive violence and mayhem. Personally, I have found that oversexed writing, blood and guts, mass destruction, and violent explosions are all covered quite well by television and movies. I prefer a more thoughtful and intellectually stimulating kind of writing.

I'm waiting (not so) patiently to read Devon's first manuscript.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Greener Grass

People like the guy in the mirror are never quite happy. No matter how high on the hog they live, no matter they have money in the bank, no matter how nice is the sunshine - the old grump isn't going to be happy. He sits like a lump and complains. One day it's politics and the next day it's the stupid neighbor. There's no end. Humbug!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Political Liberals Have Gone Bonkers

I grew up with Franklin Roosevelt. Sat thru his persistent effort to get into the war, his steady efforts to increase the power of the President, and his push to overload the Supreme Court - and so on. He became a very powerful and influential liberal politician in America. His successors were less successful liberals although several tried very hard.

Then, along came Obama and ultra-liberal-racist-radicals were ushered into our government offices. They came damn close to destroying America's national pride. He wasn't just a bad President, he was a terrible and dangerous mis-educated idiot.

     Today we have his successor, President Trump, who was elected to clean house, correct the liberal errors, rebuild our pride and credibility and return some dignity to our peaceful nation.

  • For years after World War II America has rebuilt our enemies, financed the military defenses of friendly nations, and provided aid to less fortunate people all over the globe. We asked no award or trophy, but have been unjustly vilified and routinely kicked in the teeth. 
  • With the overly liberal Obama in charge, we gave up our earned reputation, over-spent our money to the edge of bankruptcy, and reduced our military to the point of being ineffective.
  • Trump is giving 110% trying to bring America back from the failure cliff. He is doing so despite the ultra-liberal radicals that have taken over the Democratic Party. 
  • He has incurred the wrath of students from America's one-sided, dangerously biased liberal schools, and somehow made enemies of virtually all of the media and most so-called celebrities in Hollywood and elsewhere. 
  • There is rioting in the streets by ill-informed and illiterate people looking for windows to break and fires to set. 
  • Into this fray strides Mr. Trump with his boastful and bulldozing manner. He was immediately, even before he took office, detested by the self important Democratic leaders and other liberal elites in our society.  
  • He was violently obliterated by the Ultra-Liberal and totally corrupt American media.

What in the hell has he done so wrong?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tree Huggers

ENVIRONMENTALISTS. Political conservatives tend to "look down on" environmentalists (tree huggers) because some vastly over state their case. No one with a brain disputes that global warming is taking place. Grade school kids learn that there was once an ice age when glaciers covered much of the earth, then the planet got warm and most glaciers disappeared. We all know that seashells can be found in the desert, and why. The three important questions we need to be concerned with are; 

      1. Has "climate change" been accelerated or otherwise affected by modern society? 

     2. Is there anything human beings can do to reduce climate warming?
     3. If not, how can we protect ourselves from the consequence? 

Too many environmentalists tell us of the impending disaster of climate change, and that  catastrophe is around the corner. It's just not so. Traditional environmentalists suggest that we evaluate the threat more precisely, and then decide the effect of population growth, industrialization, weapons of mass destruction, increasing use of oil and other natural resources - before we turn each other inside-out and apply ineffective solutions. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Radical Left Wing Whiners

Letting off a little steam is probably good for everyone. This election year with Trump and Hillary viciously contending, has become the excuse for destructive rioting by  the uneducated rabble and liberal Democratic Party losers. This is not good for anyone.  So, let's us not conclude that these violent riots have any sort of political merit at all. Peaceful protests do of course, but violent riots do not. 

That is not to say there is no reason to disagree with the winner, Mr. Trump. His agenda, his cabinet, and the Republican Party itself.  Everyone has the right to peacefully protest. 

I've been interested in history, particularly political history, for a long time, and I am well aware that the government structures designed by our founders were not perfect. I've also been aware that our government has held true for over 200 years, and that very few governments around the world have done better. The original intent of our founders was to create a lasting government that guaranteed "freedom limited by the least government interference necessary". In my view, the Republicans seem to represent that view than the Democrats.

This bit about "limiting freedom by the least government necessary" has changed dramatically over the years. Human weaknesses have gradually eaten the entire structure of our federal government. Greed, for example, is built in to our capital based economy and free market philosophy. This foundation  creates competition and promotes ambition,  which in turn encourages the progress so necessary for building a dynamic nation - but bears the unfortunate side effect of creating aggression from neighbor to neighbor, infringement on the rights of others, and ugly dishonesty if not carefully controlled. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Interesting Comparisons


There are no completely capitalist 

or  completely socialist 

countries in the entire world.

The MOST capitalist are: (Not In Order of Rank)

  • Japan, Germany, America, China, India

The MOST socialist are:  (Not In Order of Rank)  

  • China, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium

The 10 Richest Nations                      The 10 Richest                 National Debt
(Per ETS by Rank)                              (Per Atlas by Rank)             (By Rank- Least to Most))
1.   Qua tar                                                         Qua tar                                         Canada
2.   Luxemburg                                                     Luxenburg                                    Antigua
3.   Singapore                                                       Singapore                                     United Kingdom
4.   Brunei                                                            Kuwait                                         France
5.   Kuwait                                                           Brunei                                          Spain
6.   Emirates                                                        Emirates                                       Puerto Rico
7.   Swiss                                                              Norway                                        Belgium
8.   Hong Kong                                                      Switzerland                                  Eritrea
9.   USA                                                                USA                                              Singapore
10. Australia                                                         Saudi Arabia                                 Grenada
The POOREST nations (Not In Order of Rank)                              Cyprus
Haiti                                                                                                                         Lebanon
Guinea                                                                                                                     Jamaica
Zimbabwe                                                                                                                 Iceland
Congo                                                                                                                       Italy
Guaziland                                                                                                                 Greece
Sierra Leone                                                                                                              Zimbabwe
Madagasgar                                                                                                               Japan

No. Korea                                           Niger
USA                                                    Bukina
Serbia                                                Mali
India                                                  Central Africa
Afghanistan                                        Ethiopia                    
Pakistan                                             Eritrea
Israel                                                 Guinea
Libya                                                 Pakistan
Canada                                              Gambia

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Enough Already - Vote Trump

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to battle it out in the most disgusting campaign ever.  Hillary is the most corrupted, dishonest, and badly schooled politician America has ever had. Trump is a crude, smart and aggressive businessman that has taken advantage of every opportunity to move himself forward. He's a business shark and America needs to  be very, very careful. So far as we know Mr. Trump has stayed within the law. Certainly he hasn't lied, cheated and robbed the public as his opponent has done. Anyone that votes for Hillary Clinton is a moron. Case closed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Great Worthless Debate

The first Presidential debate of 2016 took place last night. Despite a overwhelming collection of corruption and bad decisions, the media says Hillary won. I think Trump failed to illuminate Hillary's terrible record  of incompetence, many lies and vicious innuendo, and managed to she  put Trump off guard and defensive. 

This was aggravated by the moderator, Lester Holt, who failed to direct several questions that would have been enlightening.  He never, for example, asked either candidate about uncontrolled immigration, the suspicious wealth gathering of the Clintons, or any specific plan to reduce the national debt.  
So, in my opinion, Hillary didn't win, but Trump certainly lost.  

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Donald Trump Review

This guy is a real puzzle. He gets excited, rants, raves, goes off track, speaks non-sense and tries very hard to be politically incorrect. So, why vote for him? Surprisingly, the answer is easy. Actually, it comes in two parts.

1.  Hillary Clinton has been proven over and over to be; a terribly corrupt politician, a consummate liar, and -
  • a disastrous public official, 
  • a thoroughly dislikeable person, and 
  • a competent but seriously flawed individual.
2.  Donald Trump is no flower on the vine but: 
  • he has not been proven corrupt, 
  • he is not known to be a liar, 
  • has never been a disastrous public official, 
  • is not a thoroughly dislikable person, and 
  • is considered a competent but mildly flawed individual.
Despite it all, Donald Trump comes through as a well educated, committed and successful businessman, with unusually high energy and a stated agenda. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Are we descending to a Holy War

The morning newspaper is grim. Article after article describes bitter conflicts between radical Islamic fundamentalists versus everybody else, born of bitterness, lack of education, and the misery of abject poverty among so many Muslims. There are millions who live in terrible conditions with nothing to eat, no shelter, few clothes, and no education at all. There is no foreseeable way for these human beings to raise themselves to minimum human standards. 

At the same time there is an entire world of people who have somehow risen to the living and working in acceptable modern conditions yet no human agency has ever been able to relieve the miserable poor. 

Churches of every religion have failed. All governments have failed. The world wide 'very rich' have failed. Charitable institutions have failed.  Organizations like the United Nations, have failed.

Every metropolitan area, world-wide, has a population of the very poor, homeless, and hungry. In numbers this population may or may not be in the millions, but whatever the numbers, it is  a disgrace to everyone else.Almost all economists and social scientists agree that there are enough natural assets to provide adequate relief. Modern civilization simply has not found a way to join the nationalistic, religious, and racial elements: 
  •  To raise the impoverished population to  minimum liveable conditions
  •  To gainfully employ those who can work
  •  To educate the impoverished young 
  •  To distribute enough wealth to achieve reasonable humanity for all.

Regretable Catholic Nonsense

I've long been interested in the reasons behind the Catholic Churches disagreement with Freemasonry.  I was told, that a Pope had issued a Papal Bull many years ago forbidding Catholics from joining Freemasonry. The Pope believed that since Freemasonry  was open to any man who believed in one God, and that a man should have direct access to the Supreme Being regardless of the his theological philosophies, it was wrong for a Catholic to join. The Catholic Church insists that all men must obey the Pope as the direct theological authority in all things. This explanation was.

I read an article published on the internet by the National Catholic Bioethic center at the University of Mary in the year 2002. Most of the article  seemed written years ago, and possibly combined from several manuscripts. It begins with an accounting of Masonic history, but quickly became an uninformed opinion of Freemasonry. The article is lengthy and sometimes hard to understand. For example: It begins with the 'supposed' origin of the name "freemason" in 1375, and returns to the year 1155 to explain that "the word freemason described an operative mason of superior skills". It  also suggested developed that there were two types; a free-stone mason who worked with softer stone that could be carved, and the less skilled rough stone masons. I suspect the actual year that the word "freemasonry" was first used was 1155

Regardless, in 1898 the New English Dictionary of the Philological Society  interpreted "freemasons"  as "skilled artisans, emanating according to medieval practice from the restrictions and control of the local guilds (unions) in order that they might travel and render services wherever any great building (cathedral, etc.) was in the process of construction". This is the interpretation adopted by the 1st. Grand Lodge of England in 1717.  Before then the Catholic Church believed that "the nature of Freemasonry as a secret society makes it difficult to accept it's reputed documents and authorities".  Freemasonry was not and is not a "secret society". Perhaps it never was. However, Masonic history is indeed complicated by fables, dreams, and speculation as well as facts. It was and is a society of men with private practices.  

A recognized Masonic scholar,  Albert Mackey, has said that "Freemasonry's history has never been written in a spirit of critical truth. . . . the missing chains of evidence  have been frequently supplied by gratuitous invention and statements of vast importance have been carelessly sustained by the testimony of documents whose authenticity has not been proved".

Masonry in modern times (after 1723 when four London Lodges reorganized the 2nd. English Grand Lodge), developed a systematic method of teaching ethics and morality by means of using symbols to assist a man's to retain it's lessons. Interestingly, the book "Anderson's Constitutions" in 1723, contained the unchangeable laws that have no legal authority, but are generally inserted in "The Book of Constitutions" of each Grand Lodge. Note that it contains: 

1. God and Religion."A Mason is obliged by his tenure to obey the moral law; and if he rightly understands the Art (Masonry),  he will never be a stupid atheist nor an irreligious Libertine. Masonry being found in allegations, even of diverse religions, are charged to adhere to that religion in which all men agree, that is, to be good men and true, men of honesty, by whatever names, religions or persuasions they may be distinguished. . . . . Thus is the centre of their union and the happy means of conciliating true friendship among persons who otherwise must have remained at a perpetual distance.

Catholics characterize this "God and Religion" text to the corresponding injunction in the old lodges of "operative Masonry". They are summed up in the words of the "operative" (pre 1717) Masons; The first charge is that you be true to God and the Holy Catholic Church, and use no error or heresy".

The contrast is clear.  Under the older Book of Constitutions a Mason was obliged to be true to God and Church, but according to the newer (1723) Anderson's Book of Constitutions,  "a Masons obligation was reduced to the observation of the "moral law",  and practically summed up in the rules of honour and honesty as to which all men agree"The Catholic Church has refused accept this change as it "removes the accidental division of mankind due to particular opinions or religious duties, national, and social prejudices". 

Further, "it places "Humanity" as the essential principle of Freemasonry.The Christian character  of the society was exchanged for the non-sectarian regulations which were to include the votaries of all sects, without respect for their differences, provided they met the conditions of morality, mature age and an approved ballot in the Lodge". This entire argument is rendered non-sense as Freemasonry is not a religion or theology, and it has exchanged nothing. 

According to this erroneous article, "the Catholic Church believes the attempt to impose "Humanity" on the Roman Catholic Church in place of "Christian Religion" is absolutely wrong. The article carries this idea forward with the statement that "Freemasonry, therefore, is opposed not only to Catholicism and Christianity, but also to the whole system of supernatural truth". 

I give up. They are going to believe what ever they want to believe.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Shooting Our Big Toe

The Republican Convention is a circus of no purpose.  A waste of money. Lately, I've noticed that Americans waste more money on politics than they collect as taxes. Do we really need all this stuff?  I count my pennies to be certain there is enough to see me  and my wife have enough for breakfast. Look around the table and see what I see. People working hard to survive and possibly improve their lot, move a step up, live a more comfortable life, and, most important, avoid poverty. Our government has only one source of income. Only one, and it is you and I, the citizens. There are many necessary expenditures that meld our country together. The Constitution and Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, and Declaration of Independence describe and limit exactly what those expenditures should be used for, but for over the last two hundred years Americans have gradually, piece by piece,  erased almost all of the original limits.  

Stupidly, we shot our selves in the foot a million times.
  • The federal government was supposed to be as small as possible. It's anything but. 
  • Our elected officials were supposed to serve a short time, and return to their private vocation. Now, many or most serve for life.

Why do we permit our elected officials to serve so long?

Why is the federal government involved in the abortion or no abortion fiasco?
Why does we our government hire private mercenaries to fight our wars?
Why do so many elected officials have ridiculously high retirement funds?

Friday, July 8, 2016

Negro Justice

For many years the word "negro" described a dark skinned people. Most American negroes had roots in Africa but the majority of negroes stayed in Africa. A relative few came to America, and most of them were sold into slavery. As time went by slavery was ended and the level of abuse and  discrimination in America has lessened. All things considered, there have been great strides forward since the mid 1800's for negroes and other ethnic minorities. 

Sadly, the effort to reach 'equality for all' has been slowed and resisted by many. There are angry and defiant negroes and other minorities that demand faster acceptance. 

After WWII negroes surged ahead in society and began referring to themselves as "Black-Americans".  The title was sometime later, perhaps after the Korean conflict, changed to "African-Americans". The intent was to signify progress toward equality but it has caused an even wider gap between "whites and blacks". 

* * * * 

There are fewer African-Americans than most other ethnic identities in America.  

  • Why then do African-Americans commit more crimes than all of the other ethnicities combined?     It's a fact.
  • African-Americans consider racial profiling to be illogical and unreasonable discrimination?        Actually, it is neither.
  • Why do African-Americans learn less when attending the same schools as all other ethnicities?       They are just as intelligent but without social and cultural support. 
  • Why are there proportionally more unemployed African-Americans? Because they are not as well educated.
  • Why do African-Americans require more welfare? Because America has fewer jobs for unqualified people, which has made it necessary to move toward becoming a welfare state so to prevent misery and abject poverty, which have all combined to reduce individual ambition and the pride of self reliance.
Certainly discrimination makes it more difficult for African-Americans to move forward, but what will it take to significantly improve their culture? 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stop and Think

During recent years, like you, I've become aware that most of civilization appears to be declining. Morals, ethics, religions, behavior, and the guidance of traditions have been steadily losing influence.  Progress of the human condition has  slowed or stopped. Unless the trend can be reversed it follows that we will return to miserable times.  Conditions perhaps like they were in medieval times

If we think of "civilization" as the total of all societies on earth combined to describe the condition of mankind in general. Our broad brush paints an ugly picture. Compared to last year, today there are more hungry, homeless, and impoverished  people than ever before. There are more that have no access to modern medicines and treatment, more that have no fresh water, more that haven't enough to eat and more that have no opportunitity to improve their lives. 

Granted, that the world is more populated and more wealthy. It doesn't change what is happening around us.  

Of course, an American faces a different world than, for example, someone from Mali, Uganda, Siberia or Pakistan and etc. But people from all of these places add to become part of "civilization".  

Today it is vital that modern societies learn how to understand and improve the civilization of Arabian Muslims. Because of their firm belief in and adherence to the religion of Islam, Muslim society has not yet joined the modern world. They have not progressed, certainly not since medieval times. 

Each society is generally located in a very different part of the world, and each has faces huge societal problems. In America for purposes of keeping this brief, we can name Medical Insurance,  Educational Decline, and Financial Danger as being at the root of most problems. Regarding Arabian Muslims we can name a different set of societal problems, such as Technical Knowledge,  an obsolete Religion, and illegal Medieval Laws.  By discussing each we will better understand how to plan ahead.


Medical Insurance. Is it the natural "right" of every citizen? Or an earned right? Or a government imposed right? And should it be equally served to rich and poor, common folk and the wealthy
?America has not settled these questions. Not in the churches, government, or educational institutions. Great strides have been made to insure the health of more citizens, but a significant number of Americans still have no medical insurance. 

At the same time pharmaceutical bills , medicines and medical care have fast and a lot. They are now close to being unsustainable.

Educational Decline. Our nation's schools K-12 were changed from local control to national control by liberal politicians desiring closer uniformity across the country. Their intentions were (perhaps) good. But the change reduced competitiveness - and began forcing uniform  federal programs. To assure compliance they refuse to fund school districts that didn't go along. Local teachers across the nation began teaching to the national uniform tests. The tests do not allow for demographic, ethnic, numerical, or population differences. Many seasoned and experienced educators and almost all teachers disagreed with the federal mandated plan. 

Sadly, the ultra liberal federal supporters have now got their foot in the door. The situation almost desperate.  The new criteria has become excessively biased and liberalized. Traditional education now has a minor role, and all subject matter has been "dumbed down". Teachers are now forced to educate the slowest students in their classes by not challenging the brightest. Student failure is no longer an option. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ISIS And Other Hate Groups

Over the years one hate group has bled into another until it is difficult to figure who is who. This will be an effort to clarify.

  • The initials refer to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. 
  • ISIS  threatens Israel, Yazidis, moderate Sunni and Shia Muslims, Kurds, Christians and Jews.
  • It uses particularly horrific terrorist methods. 
  • ISIS is a jihadist group founded in Iraq and Syria.
  • absolutely controls Gaza. 
  • now control a territory as large as a nation state including northern Syria and northern Iraq. 
  • Membership is estimated at more than 35,000       
  • The ISIS ambition is to create an Islamic Caliphate.
  • founded by Osama ben Laden
  • established in Afghanistan/Pakistan about 1988
  • USA & Saudi Arabia spent millions on Afghan rebel arms
  •  most of that money helped start al-Quaeda
  • also known as al-Quaeda in Iraq or AQI. 
  • Once had a membership estimated less than 10,000
  • now much smaller membership
  • pre-ceded ISIS and 
  • now a sub-group allied with ISIS
  • Tends to attack Western and Arab governments.
  • responsible for 9-11   3,000 deaths 
  • is a larger and older terrorist group
  • linked to Muslim Brotherhood. 
  • now a sub-group within ISIS 
  • possible membership of 20,000+
  • include the former PLO organization
  • and a long history of attacking Israel. 
  • rockets across Israeli border
  • suicide bombers, package bombs
  • often us children and elderly shields
  • attacks come usually from the south. 
  • continues to threaten Israel from the north.
  • founded in Lebanon about 1982
Muslim Brotherhood
  • founded in Egypt about 1928
  • preceded and related to Hamas

Bubba Trump's Press Conference

At Washington Orange Grade School

Boy 1:Mr. Trump why do you wear such a ridiculous hair style?

Bubba Trump: Actually I was going bald so I got some hair implants like Senator Biden did, and started to comb over my other hair to cover the hair plugs.  As I continued to lose more of the other hair  and clearly was going to be bald one day, I combed over more and more until it became out of control. I suppose I will have to eventually go bald with a smile - and no more comb over.

Boy 2:  Why not at least make your hair a bit shorter anyway so you don't look like a surf bum and more like a successful businessman
Bubba Trump:  I'll think about it.

Girl 1:  You come to the presidency without paying dues.  You've never been elected, never had a public office,  nor run a non-profit business.  How will you handle difficult political questions?
Bubba Trump:  I'm smart, honest,  and know right from wrong. The American founding documents (Constitution, Declaration, Bill of Rights, and etc.) are my guide. And I will delegate to experts and other smart people, and I will expect results. Or they will be replaced.

Boy 1:  Why did you campaign so viciously on personalities and not on issues?
Bubba Trump:  I was forced to defend myself when the media and other opposition attacked me. At the same time, I made my agenda quite clear.

Boy 2:  And would you please repeat your agenda and tell us how you plan to implement it?
Bubba Trump: Sure.
1. The basic thrust will be to make America great again.
2. To protect Americans better.
3.  To temporarily halt almost all immigration that originates from Muslim countries and
4. all Muslims with a criminal background and
5. Muslims with no declared contact or address in America.
6. To quickly devise a more effective way to identify potentially dangerous people and
7. To devise and enforce new immigration requirements and laws.
8. To complete the wall between Mexico and America.
9. To assign the National Guard to assist other enforcement agencies to  police the wall.
10. To quickly determine a year long path to citizenship for all current residents and immigrants.
11. Pass a law to  deport  to their country of origin all who do do not become citizens in one year.
12. To create a new special visa category allowing immigrants 3 months stay, and that
13 must be renewed by the court. (This to accommodate braceros, student, and etc.)

Now, I know that's not complete and I also know that many items will not be accomplished anytime soon. Implementation depends in many ways upon the amount of political resistance - and the budget.

Girl 3: Speaking of the budget, you say you will reduce the nation's debt, It stands now at almost

$20 trillion dollars. There are several methods you might use; inflation, devaluing the dollar, reducing the size of the federal government, reducing our dollar diplomacy, eliminating corrupted foreign aid, eliminate subsidies to farmers, eliminate un-necessary subsidies to  industry, reduce costs in military procurement, return some responsibilities from the federal bureaucracies to the individual states, and so forth. Would you choose them all, or would you address only the most effective? Which?
Bubba Trump:  Lordy, lordy. That's a great question and one that will probably have to be determined by several outstanding economists. I'm afraid I don't have an immediate answer.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Followers of Radical Islam Are Inhuman Monsters

My understanding of history since about 1940 is fairly good. My opinion of it is . . .  not so much. I can recall Lawrence  of Arabia and the Mufti and the Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps from newsreels or newspapers but I've no idea if there are real facts in those memories. I was only five years old in 1940 and I do recall that there was no Israel.  Where it lies now was considered the Palestine Territory. As far as I know it was ungoverned land sparsely inhabited mostly by Semitic people or nomadic tribes. In the city of Jerusalem there were both Arabs and Jews living in harmony.

The Arabian part of the world in 1940 had few borders. Most Arabian territories that did exist were marked by geophysical elements like rivers, mountains, forests and etc.  The wandering Arabs tribes at that time believed in one of several "religions". I believe Islam had the most members, and the others worshiped animals, the heavens, and various idols. A very few were Christian. So, Arab tenanted land within the Palestinian Territory (including that of Jerusalem), had only verbal histories of property ownership. There was no government at that time capable of administering documented property titles. 

The territorial lands were not closely defined either. The area that is today Israel was then a very small part of the Palestine Territory. There were only a few Arab inhabitants.

During World War II there was almost no participation from any part of the Arab world.  What participation there was assisted the enemies of the Allied Forces. In other words, all of the Arab territories, except Egypt perhaps, were at war with the Allied Nations. and they lost the war!  In all previous ages the loser paid the winner, not vice versa.

The inhabitants of the Palestinian Territory, after being on the losing side of the war, had no claim on their land other than that granted by the Allied Nations. 

The entire world (except Muslim extremists) knew of the holocaust but few actually knew the details. It soon became known. The horrible and systematic extermination of Jews, impaired individuals, midgets and other helpless human beings . . . is unbelievably gruesome history.  No one knows how many were murdered but the usual accepted number is "more than 6,000,000".

Arabian people, including those of the Islamic faith, were not directly responsible, but they were on the enemy side during the war. . . .  and they lost the war.  

Sadly, no wanted to give any Jews or survivors of the holocaust a homeland. Certainly there was some racial reluctance but the general reason (excuse) given was that to welcome the Jews and give them land for a homeland would upset their own nation's demographics.

The Allies determined that location within the relatively desolate Arabian territories offered a solution. The new Jewish homeland would be better served and better administered. The intention included a promise to establish the most influential people in the immigrant community as the governing responsibility for the new nation.  

Thus the Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon. etc. became nations with imposed boundaries. Israel was specificlly carved out of the Palestine Territory and carefully limited to a small area where Jews and Christians and Muslims had ancient historical roots. The Israelis promised any  current resident in the new nation the same freedoms that their own citizens would enjoy. They would receive title and be able to keep their land, businesses, and other property,.  The Israelis tried to be generous to the any of the existing residents. They what'd them to stay and become a valued part of Israel.

The Muslim communities refused. 

Instead, they immediately declared war upon Israel. They promised to drive the new nation it into the sea, and to murder anyone therein if they refused to embrace Islam. The rest of the world was shocked and thought this must spring from some deranged Muslim minority. They soon found it did.  It was from an anti-human, mentally defective and deranged, segment of Islam that was a large minority of radical extremist Islamic believers. 

These extremists had almost enough brute power to subdue other Muslims around the world. They did so by using terrorist tactics and imparting their murderous belief on their  young. These radical Muslims distorted their Holy Book and proclaimed that they would conquer the entire world . . . .  and establish Sharia Law on every continent. 

They also promise: to murder every person on earth who refuses or even resists accepting Islamic faith.  


Thursday, June 9, 2016

What A Mess

America in 2016 is a country with messy politics. We've been busy for years giving away our heritage and become a nation run by politicians that see themselves as  distinguished - but in reality most are despicable crooks. Their failure to address the important problems is a disgrace. By wasting our time on gutter politics, personality differences, and social issues of no merit, our political leadership has become incompetent, a political machine that mainly promotes the rich and infuriates the poor. 

2016 is an another election year, an opportunity to approve or disapprove the existing administration and elect a new one if necessary. The coming election has become a disgraceful display of stupidity. Neither political party has an agenda for the future. We've copied the worst of the third world rabble and given a stage to stupid, illiterate, anti-patriotic protesters. Watching as they burn our flag, roll over cars, break  the windows of small shops, spit on the police, and otherwise display violence and lack of respect - is disgusting.

Our vaunted jurisprudence community distorts the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. They turn a blind eye to abuse in the name of "freedom of speech".  The viciousness reminds me of my aversion to Mapplethorp's art (?) depicting a penis with a flower on top, standing upright in a bowl of urine. I understand that Mapplethorp is a fine artist that believes art should "push the limits of public acceptability". Sometimes I think he pushes too far.  He is often degrading humanity, religions, and the moral traditions of society. 

The point? American elections need to limit and control the viciousness and personal attacks that are now the substance of elections. Let's return to campaign civility. 


One last comment
On another political matter. This year our two dominant political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans,  have each put forward two completely unworthy and unsatisfactory candidates:

Hillary Clinton 
  • Ultra Left Wing and Socialist Leaning  Democrat
  • Facing criminal prosecution and likely to be convicted
  • A well known slippery liar when dealing with personal of government affairs
  • Has a proven history of terribly wrong decisions
  • Can be expected to carry forward Obama's disastrous programs.

Donald Trump 
  • Republican (sometimes)
  • No prior government experience at all.
  • No record of government or political history.
  • Appears to have no regard for tradition. 
  • No experience with foreign diplomacy.
  • A rude and uncontrolled persona.