Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stop and Think

During recent years, like you, I've become aware that most of civilization appears to be declining. Morals, ethics, religions, behavior, and the guidance of traditions have been steadily losing influence.  Progress of the human condition has  slowed or stopped. Unless the trend can be reversed it follows that we will return to miserable times.  Conditions perhaps like they were in medieval times

If we think of "civilization" as the total of all societies on earth combined to describe the condition of mankind in general. Our broad brush paints an ugly picture. Compared to last year, today there are more hungry, homeless, and impoverished  people than ever before. There are more that have no access to modern medicines and treatment, more that have no fresh water, more that haven't enough to eat and more that have no opportunitity to improve their lives. 

Granted, that the world is more populated and more wealthy. It doesn't change what is happening around us.  

Of course, an American faces a different world than, for example, someone from Mali, Uganda, Siberia or Pakistan and etc. But people from all of these places add to become part of "civilization".  

Today it is vital that modern societies learn how to understand and improve the civilization of Arabian Muslims. Because of their firm belief in and adherence to the religion of Islam, Muslim society has not yet joined the modern world. They have not progressed, certainly not since medieval times. 

Each society is generally located in a very different part of the world, and each has faces huge societal problems. In America for purposes of keeping this brief, we can name Medical Insurance,  Educational Decline, and Financial Danger as being at the root of most problems. Regarding Arabian Muslims we can name a different set of societal problems, such as Technical Knowledge,  an obsolete Religion, and illegal Medieval Laws.  By discussing each we will better understand how to plan ahead.


Medical Insurance. Is it the natural "right" of every citizen? Or an earned right? Or a government imposed right? And should it be equally served to rich and poor, common folk and the wealthy
?America has not settled these questions. Not in the churches, government, or educational institutions. Great strides have been made to insure the health of more citizens, but a significant number of Americans still have no medical insurance. 

At the same time pharmaceutical bills , medicines and medical care have fast and a lot. They are now close to being unsustainable.

Educational Decline. Our nation's schools K-12 were changed from local control to national control by liberal politicians desiring closer uniformity across the country. Their intentions were (perhaps) good. But the change reduced competitiveness - and began forcing uniform  federal programs. To assure compliance they refuse to fund school districts that didn't go along. Local teachers across the nation began teaching to the national uniform tests. The tests do not allow for demographic, ethnic, numerical, or population differences. Many seasoned and experienced educators and almost all teachers disagreed with the federal mandated plan. 

Sadly, the ultra liberal federal supporters have now got their foot in the door. The situation almost desperate.  The new criteria has become excessively biased and liberalized. Traditional education now has a minor role, and all subject matter has been "dumbed down". Teachers are now forced to educate the slowest students in their classes by not challenging the brightest. Student failure is no longer an option. 

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