Thursday, June 16, 2016

Morals, Ethics, Religion and misc.

We all have observed that our civilization is going through a period of declining morals, ethics, and religions. I know, Plato said the same thing years ago. But it's true that even old traditions seem to be losing influence. The trend is stalling the progress of all societies on earth combined. This broad brush paints an ugly picture. Today there are more hungry, homeless, and impoverished  people than ever before, and more people with no opportunity to improve their lives. Yet, the world is more populated and more wealthy. There is something very wrong here. It is more vital than ever before that we learn how to understand and return the idea of constant progress.

Off Subject Comments on . . . 

Medical Insurance. Is it the natural "right" of every citizen? Or is it an earned right? Or a government imposed right? And should it be equally served to rich and poor, common folk and the wealthyAmerica has not settled these questions. Not in the churches, government, or educational institutions. Great strides have been made to insure the health of more citizens, but a significant number of Americans still have no medical insurance. 

Educational Decline. Our nation's schools K-12 were changed from local control to national control by liberal politicians trying to establish more uniformity across the country. Their intentions were good, but the unintended consequences were not. The change reduced competitiveness. To assure compliance the federal government refuses to fund school districts that do not go along. Regardless of their concern, local teachers across the nation began teaching to the national uniform tests. The tests do not allow for demographic, ethnic, numerical, or population differences. Many experienced educators and almost all teachers disagreed with the federal mandated plan.Traditional education now has a minor role, and all subject matter has been "dumbed down". Teachers are now forced to educate the slowest students in their classes by not challenging the brightest. Student failure is no longer an option. 

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