Friday, July 29, 2016

Are we descending to a Holy War

The morning newspaper is grim. Article after article describes bitter conflicts between radical Islamic fundamentalists versus everybody else, born of bitterness, lack of education, and the misery of abject poverty among so many Muslims. There are millions who live in terrible conditions with nothing to eat, no shelter, few clothes, and no education at all. There is no foreseeable way for these human beings to raise themselves to minimum human standards. 

At the same time there is an entire world of people who have somehow risen to the living and working in acceptable modern conditions yet no human agency has ever been able to relieve the miserable poor. 

Churches of every religion have failed. All governments have failed. The world wide 'very rich' have failed. Charitable institutions have failed.  Organizations like the United Nations, have failed.

Every metropolitan area, world-wide, has a population of the very poor, homeless, and hungry. In numbers this population may or may not be in the millions, but whatever the numbers, it is  a disgrace to everyone else.Almost all economists and social scientists agree that there are enough natural assets to provide adequate relief. Modern civilization simply has not found a way to join the nationalistic, religious, and racial elements: 
  •  To raise the impoverished population to  minimum liveable conditions
  •  To gainfully employ those who can work
  •  To educate the impoverished young 
  •  To distribute enough wealth to achieve reasonable humanity for all.

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