Saturday, October 15, 2016

Enough Politics - Vote Trump

Trump and Hillary battle it out in the most disgusting campaign ever.  Hillary is the most corrupted, dishonest, and badly schooled politician America has ever had. She's so bad that Trump is actually giving her a race. He has the right ideas and has laid them out in an incomplete but impressive plan. Perhaps he will explain the details later. Or maybe not? Trump is a crude, smart and aggressive businessman. He has taken advantage of every loophole and opportunity to move himself forward. Along the way he has undoubtably irritated or offended many people as he made his way toward enrichment. He's a shark and if you want to play with a shark you must be very very careful. With all of this said, Mr. Trump has been cautious to stay within the law. He hasn't lied and cheated and robbed the public as his opponent has done. Anyone voting for Hillary over Trump is a moron. Case closed.

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