Sunday, November 20, 2016

Radical Left Wing Whiners

Letting off a little steam is probably good for everyone. This election year with Trump and Hillary viciously contending, has become the excuse for destructive rioting by  the uneducated rabble and liberal Democratic Party losers. This is not good for anyone.  So, let's us not conclude that these violent riots have any sort of political merit at all. Peaceful protests do of course, but violent riots do not. 

That is not to say there is no reason to disagree with the winner, Mr. Trump. His agenda, his cabinet, and the Republican Party itself.  Everyone has the right to peacefully protest. 

I've been interested in history, particularly political history, for a long time, and I am well aware that the government structures designed by our founders were not perfect. I've also been aware that our government has held true for over 200 years, and that very few governments around the world have done better. The original intent of our founders was to create a lasting government that guaranteed "freedom limited by the least government interference necessary". In my view, the Republicans seem to represent that view than the Democrats.

This bit about "limiting freedom by the least government necessary" has changed dramatically over the years. Human weaknesses have gradually eaten the entire structure of our federal government. Greed, for example, is built in to our capital based economy and free market philosophy. This foundation  creates competition and promotes ambition,  which in turn encourages the progress so necessary for building a dynamic nation - but bears the unfortunate side effect of creating aggression from neighbor to neighbor, infringement on the rights of others, and ugly dishonesty if not carefully controlled. 

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