Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tree Huggers

ENVIRONMENTALISTS. Political conservatives tend to "look down on" environmentalists (tree huggers) because some vastly over state their case. No one with a brain disputes that global warming is taking place. Grade school kids learn that there was once an ice age when glaciers covered much of the earth, then the planet got warm and most glaciers disappeared. We all know that seashells can be found in the desert, and why. The three important questions we need to be concerned with are; 

      1. Has "climate change" been accelerated or otherwise affected by modern society? 

     2. Is there anything human beings can do to reduce climate warming?
     3. If not, how can we protect ourselves from the consequence? 

Too many environmentalists tell us of the impending disaster of climate change, and that  catastrophe is around the corner. It's just not so. Traditional environmentalists suggest that we evaluate the threat more precisely, and then decide the effect of population growth, industrialization, weapons of mass destruction, increasing use of oil and other natural resources - before we turn each other inside-out and apply ineffective solutions. 

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