Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Political Liberals Have Gone Bonkers

I grew up with Roosevelt. Sat thru his efforts to get into the war, his constant push to elevate the power of the President, his push to overload the Supreme Court and so on. He became a very powerful liberal politician in America. Truman and his successors, not so much although a few tried. Then, along came Obama who forced everyone to bend. The ultra-liberal-racist-radicals were ushered into our government offices. Obama and his cronies came damn close to destroying America. He wasn't just a bad President, he was a terrible and dangerous political idiot. Today we have President Trump who was elected to clean house, correct the Obama errors, rebuild America, and return some deserved element of dignity to our peaceful nation. For years after World War II America has rebuilt our enemies, financed the military defenses of friendly nations, and provided aid to less fortunate people all over the globe. We asked no award or trophy, but instead we have been unjustly vilified and routinely  kicked in the teeth. With the overly liberal Obama in charge, we gave up our earned reputation, over-spent our money to the edge of bankruptcy, and reduced our military to the point of inability to protect the nation from mice. Okay, Trump is giving 110% trying to bring America back from the failure cliff. He is doing so despite the ridiculously brainless ultra-liberal radicals that have taken over the Democratic Party. He has incurred the wrath of brainwashed students from the one-sided liberal schools, and somehow made enemies of most so-called celebrities in Hollywood and elsewhere. There is rioting in the streets by painfully stupid  people and illiterate jerks looking for windows to break and fires to set. Into this fray strides Trump with his bulldozing manner. He his immediately detested by the liberal elite in our society, and hit on the head with dynamite sticks by the absolutely corrupt American media.

What in the hell has he done so wrong?

Obamacare. The idea that all American tax payers must pay at least some level of medical care and assistance for all other people in the nation is controversial in itself, but assuming that, at least on the surface, the idea is good and will produce this ideal concept. I don't believe it will. American tax payer don't have any responsibility to fund medical services for non-citizens - period. That might be a more realistic line in the sand. Secondly, Obamacare forces everyone that does not want to participate to enroll or pay a significant penalty. Does this not take away another freedom of choice? Third. for all American citizens to be eligible for fundamental lifesaving medical care is a wonderful ideal to work toward. To make this move which involves 20% of the entire federal budget all at once makes this a reckless and  almost revolutionary concept. I content, of at least suspect, it the program should be over a period of many years, perhaps decades, in order to be comfortably absorbed by our American tax paying society. Fourth. The overall impact on the national treasury has not been clearly defined. It can not - but is known to be larger than we can afford now. That means a significant increase in what the nation must borrow, and we are already owe about $20,000,000,000 which is nearing a disastrous national bankruptcy.

Uncontrolled Immigration. Trump wants America to enforce it's own laws. He wants to construct a superior vetting system and refuse entry to terrorists and potential terrorists. He wants to restrict the quantity flow to a reasonable level that America can absorb properly. For all of this Trump has received nothing but stubborn and stupid resistance of 50% of the civilian Americans.

The Famous Wall. He didn't start it but he intends to finish it. He believes a physical wall between Mexico and America will help our country better control the illegal immigration now flooding across the border, and help us find and reduce the out of control drug trafficking as well. He believes it is feasible, practical, and will be very effective.

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